Three enthusiastic people, not young but still lively, met recently to ask ‘How might we continue contributing to a better world for our loved ones and future generations?’ Our gift of this website is the first result of that meeting. Click here to find out who we are

The World Wide Wave of Wisdom is intended as a natural movement, rather than a campaign. We are not setting up a new organisation. In a sense, it has already existed for millennia, since the birth of Homo sapiens (from the Latin words ‘homo’, meaning ‘human’, and ‘sapientia’, which means ‘wisdom’), always conjuring up its own energy and momentum. Arguably, though, this wave has declined in force in recent times. We would like to see it massively re-invigorated, and are therefore recommending it to people as a movement to join in , augment and share.

Anyone, regardless of personal, political or religious background, can participate, and may do so in whatever way seems best to you. Take matters in whatever ways your intuition leads.

Freedom! This is the beauty of it. The wave flows onwards and outwards, in any and every direction!

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